Tooth Decay at Cochrane Plaza Dental Care in Morgan Hill, CA

Despite its prevalence, we don’t want any patient to think they’re destined for tooth decay, even if they’ve had a hard time avoiding it in the past. There are a lot of factors that contribute to your oral health, but be assured that at our practice you’re in the hands of compassionate decay prevention experts.

Anyone who’s been to the dentist knows we have a lot more tools than just a toothbrush & floss for caring for your teeth. In addition to removing plaque, our arsenal of hand tools & handpieces are designed to remove hardened deposits called tartar or calculus that are hard for you to remove yourself using just a toothbrush & floss. During a cleaning visit, we also check your teeth thoroughly for existing signs of decay. If we find a problem, we will talk to you about fixing it as soon as possible with a filling, a crown, or another treatment if the decay is more severe. Of course, our favorite outcome is when we find no decay at all. Understanding how decay starts is a great way to solidify your understanding of how to prevent it.

What Is Tooth Decay?

Statistically speaking, tooth decay could be considered the second most common illness humans suffer from (number one is the common cold). If left untreated, tooth decay can lead to pain & more severe problems such as abscesses or systemic infections, not to mention tooth loss. Data indicates that almost every adult has had tooth decay at some point. Our goal is to reverse this trend, at the very least in our local community. Educating our patients about how tooth decay happens & how to prevent it is how we hope to accomplish this.

One myth seems to have emerged from how we were taught about tooth decay & cavities as children: avoid sugar & you can avoid cavities. The reality is there is no single thing you can do to prevent tooth decay. Rather, preventing cavities is a collection of good habits, maintenance & professional attention. The steps for a decay-free smile, in no particular order, are a healthy diet, a thorough daily hygiene routine & seeing us regularly for teeth cleanings & checkups.

Causes of Tooth Decay

Just like other parts of your body, your mouth is populated by both good & bad bacteria. When you don’t care for yourself properly, you can end up creating an environment where the bad (i.e., pathogenic) bacteria get the upper hand. In particular, these bacteria thrive when there is plenty of sugar for them to consume, which they digest & excrete as acid. This acid is what damages your teeth, eating into your tooth enamel & the softer dentin layer underneath. Eating highly acidic foods (lemons, tomatoes, soft drinks, etc.) can also weaken & even wear away your teeth.

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy

If your mouth is in an ideal condition, your body’s own immune responses & mechanisms, such as healthy saliva that contains tooth-building minerals, repair damage & keep bad bacteria from getting out of control. The goal of preventing decay is to keep your mouth in this healthy, balanced condition at all times. If you brush & floss correctly, get enough fluoride, limit your consumption of acidic or sugary foods & visit the dentist regularly, this should be easy for you.

Guidance On Preventing Tooth Decay

However, some patients have a tougher time preventing tooth decay & we are happy to provide guidance. If you’ve had a few run-ins with cavities, you may need a refresher course on your brushing or flossing techniques, which we’re happy to provide at your next visit. You can also boost the effectiveness of your at-home hygiene with special toothpastes, mouth rinses, toothbrushes or floss options. We’re happy to recommend these types of products if we think they will benefit you.

Nutritional counseling is another option to ensure decay-causing bacteria doesn’t get too much fuel. In children whose hygiene skills are still developing, sealing the deepest grooves on their back teeth can help prevent decay until they’re older & better at caring for their own teeth.
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They're amazing! Very professional 👏

Luis Lugo April 13, 2024

I cannot speak highly enough about the incredible experience I had at Cochrane Plaza Dental Care. Dr. Guhman is a true master of her craft. Her meticulous attention to detail and personalized approach to treatment options left me feeling confident and cared for. After past negative experiences with dentists, I was hesitant, but Dr. Guhman's expertise quickly put me at ease. Kristy, who performed my cleaning, was equally exceptional. Her thoroughness and efficiency ensured that everything was done correctly, leaving my teeth feeling refreshed and healthy. The entire team at Cochrane Plaza Dental Care, including Tony at the front desk, exudes professionalism and warmth. I am grateful to have found such a stellar dental office where patient care is clearly the top priority. Thank you to everyone at Cochrane Plaza for your outstanding service.

Sami April 9, 2024

Very professional, friendly staff that does high quality work. I go here for all my dental needs, which has been pretty often over the last 2 years.

MaQ SteeZ March 17, 2024

Wow! From the moment we walked in, we were greeted by knowledgeable and helpful staff. My son has special needs and Dr. G and the entire staff treated him with great respect and patience. Dr. G was so gentle and kind, that my son is looking forward to his next appointment! Highly recommend!

Anne Martin March 12, 2024

I had a dental emergency the other day and went to my dental office to have it looked at but they couldn't or wouldn't help me. I found Cochrane Plaza Dental and they were amazing! I was in a great deal of pain and they were very empathetic and understanding and sat down with me to go over what they could do. Long story short, I was treated and taken out of pain and for that I am truly thankful. These are good people who generally care about their patients, and in this case, a man who is NOT a patient of theirs but was treated like a human being in need of help. Cannot thank you folks more for what you did for me in this emergency scenario.

Mike Plant February 29, 2024

Excellent service, professional and pleasant experience. Dentist Ghuman was very helpful and understanding with a clear plan for my dental health. Highly recommend Dr Ghuman

Aaron Scott February 15, 2024

Great service

Kewal Seth February 15, 2024

The staff at Cochrane Plaza Dental are very professional and friendly. They have been my dentist for several years now, and I have never had a bad experience. I would recommend them to anyone.

Michael Dominguez February 15, 2024

Everything was great. The lady that cleans my teeth always does an exceptional job. There was no waiting time and everyone there were very professional.

Ray Gomez February 14, 2024

They are all so friendly and thorough , my cleaning specialist was exceptionally good!! I really love her , she does an extremely good job!!

Majory Van Overeem February 1, 2024

Everyone at Cochrane Plaza Dental Care were professional and friendly. No pain during or after the procedure with anesthesia. I look forward to my next visit. Thank you, Cheryl Stump

Cheryl Stump January 19, 2024

My hygenist was Christy and she did an awesome job. She understood my needs and was continually asking if i was okay during my cleaning. She went above and beyond to make me comfortable. I requested her for my next cleaning as well.

veronica jimenez January 13, 2024

Great experience. Today we will all call it... "The Dentist express"On time. Minimum time to get in and out. No signatures coming in the door or going out of the door.. Painless and excellent cleaning experience with Will-i am! And Dr. Patel. On time.Quick.Professional. Thanks!

Maxwell Anderson January 12, 2024

Very friendly and professional stuff Dr.Ghuman is very skilled,honest and make sure you feel comfortable I’m never going to any other dentistry again.And also Vlad is super friendly and helpful!

Mirhad Bjelevac December 28, 2023

Very fast and efficient

David Tijerina December 20, 2023

Dr. Guman sorry I probably have her name misspelled badly and her team is the best dentist and office I have ever went to. She has a gentle skilled hand, very comforting to know I’m in great care. Friendly and clean environment.

Angela Lazrovich December 13, 2023

This is an amazing dental surgery!!! The best by far. Dr. Ghuman is very kind, caring and gentle. They are always there for you, and are always accommodating. I would highly recommend Dr. Ghuman and her entire team to anyone looking for an honest, and great Dentist. - Jules, Morgan Hill.

Julianne Nicholson November 16, 2023

Friendly and Speedy

Charlotte Poland November 12, 2023

7am appointment very convenient. Overall great experience.

D L November 12, 2023

Everyone is always great at Cochrane plaza dental care. The front office staff is always friendly and welcoming. The dentists are all very professional, detailed and gentle with their work. The assistants are amazing and extremely good at everything they do. The hygienists are wonderful as well. The entire staff is truly the best of the best. We have always had very good experiences every time we go and and I highly recommend this office to anyone that is looking for a great office with above and beyond care.

Kristy C. November 3, 2023

Arrived didn't wait forever... very wonderful ladies ....well informed....I am well informed.....very homey and warm ...recommend to everyone

Jacque Priest October 27, 2023

The dance music was good.

Mike stewart October 21, 2023

Top notch all around. Very versatile efficient office. Dentistry performed on me was thoroughly explained and performed fast. There skills at there trade are impeccably the best. I will return to them for my dental needs in the future

greg oglesby October 6, 2023

Maricela was nice. It was a good experience overall.

Carlos Murillo October 6, 2023

It was a very good experience with a dentist who is very professional. Especially the one who attended us.

Virgilio Cendana Sr October 5, 2023

Very professional and very fast and efficient with everything they do

rollie _Jambers September 30, 2023

William provided the most thorough cleaning I've ever received. Thank you.

Marc Kleinmaier September 13, 2023

Very professional practice. Dr. Ghuman and her crew were awesome. Highly recommended.

Bala Velmurugan September 12, 2023

Very friendly staff. New to the clinic and were still able to get scheduled within 2 days.

Kevin O September 8, 2023

The whole staff was awesome, Dr. Patel was great and William was awsome.

John Kinney September 2, 2023

I can not think of a better way to say that they're the BEST! From the minute i called to the minute I left. I called for an emergency that i had pain on my teeth, they gave me an appt that best fit my schedule without hesitation. The second I walked in, receptionist girls super friendly and nice, they acknowledge me by my name (without having an idea who i was). I waited 5 minutes the most till they took me back. The xray technician was wonderful! Explained everything in detail. The best for last, Dr. Patel. Ive never met a professional like Dr. Patel, from the start , she made me feel welcomed, explained in detail about the process and treatment i needed, the exam was gentle, she made sure i didnt feel more pain that i had already. I can continue to describe in detail how my experience was, but I can write a story here! In few words, HERE is where you want to be taken care of.

April Torres September 1, 2023

Great experience with my dentist. No issues and staff is friendly.

Carla Blackwell August 21, 2023

They have been accurate and professional, and on time consistently. demonstrated care for the patient. By ensuring that I understand what was about to happen, or what needs to happen for the care of my teeth.

mike silva August 19, 2023

Super nice explained everything to me and made sure I understood. Came in for an emergency but got to it super fast high recommend

Adrian Orozco August 11, 2023

Friendly staff.

Teresa Viscarra August 8, 2023

The women dentist who helped was very caring and attentive. She patiently helped me find a solution to the problem I was having. Thank you!

Brizna Lockhart July 28, 2023

Kristine dental hygienist was amazing! She took extra care with my sensitive teeth and was so friendly and welcoming. The front desk staff were kind, helpful and very professional. Dr. R was very kind and informative. And Yven did a great job at taking 3D images of my mouth. I left feeling very well-cared for. Thank you to the entire team for your excellent service!

Lauren Droira July 27, 2023

The visit was awesome from the minute we arrived until the second we left. Yes I am speaking in the plural because my wife and I had appointments at the same time. I had an awesome assistant who catered to my dental needs from X-rays to cleaning. In addition she was super friendly and very informative when I asked for different alternatives to flossing. A great experience for both of us!

Tyrone Partee July 20, 2023

Dr. GHUMEN Is sweet gental kind women. Will work with you and your dental insurance to make sure you get the best treatment at her office.

Juliana Yankee July 18, 2023

Wonderful people here! I was really nervous. Very professional , caring, sincere!! I will be looking forward to becoming a new patient💕🥰💕

Kathy McCluskey July 15, 2023

Great and faster service. I would like to say very professional staff. I would highly recommend this dental office to everyone. Thank you.

H D July 10, 2023

Great dentists here! My doctor accommodated me late in the afternoon and stayed till almost 8pm to ensure all my work was done right and that I was satisfied. Highly recommended.

Richard Henderson June 28, 2023

Friendly staff. Appointment was in and out. Perfect for me I'm a busy mother of three.

Mrscrystal Amaya June 26, 2023

I came in on short notice for an office teeth whitening. They were so accommodating. A real Dr. applied the whitening gel process. They were so gentle and caring. Definitely going back! Amazing results!

Mark Goupil June 21, 2023

Great service and staff. My dentist is the best I have ever had.

I was happy with the dental work done.

Bruce Galbraith May 25, 2023

They always accommodate my schedule. And if I worry about anything then, They always make me feel better.

Sandra Ware May 15, 2023

Dr Gunham very good Doctor great bedside manner knowledgeable gentle attentive dentist

Jeanne Gapac May 9, 2023

I have been a patient of Dr. Ghuman’s for about 20 years. I first saw her in her San Jose clinic then followed her to Morgan Hill. All of her staff are so friendly and helpful. My teeth are very sensitive which can make cleanings rather challenging. Once I shared my concerns, everyone went out of their way to make me comfortable. William was especially helpful, making jokes and distracting me while cleaning which made the process much more pleasurable. Their flexible evening and weekend hours are a huge plus as well.

Vanessa Hecht May 7, 2023

I felt very comfortable. No pain visit. Thank you for that.

Christine B April 21, 2023
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