Exceptional Dental Fillings in Morgan Hill, CA at Cochrane Plaza Dental Care

Having a toothache from decayed or fractured teeth? You’re in the right place! For many years, Cochrane Plaza Dental Care has been a go-to hub for quality dental fillings in Morgan Hill, CA. Our dedicated team takes pride in offering a comforting, hassle-free experience as we work to address your cavities and tooth decay.

We cater to patients of all ages in Morgan Hill and the surrounding areas who need dental fillings. By employing the best filling material for your unique needs, we strive to restore your tooth’s function and aesthetics efficiently.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are a common and great option for treating cavities or tooth decay. They are materials used by dentists to fill the cavity after decayed tooth material is removed. The types of fillings can vary, including gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, or tooth-colored composite resin, depending on your needs and the dentist’s recommendation.

What Benefits Do Dental Fillings Offer?

Restores Tooth Function

One of the most significant benefits of dental fillings is their ability to restore the functionality of damaged teeth. When a tooth is damaged due to decay or trauma, its overall function can be significantly impacted. Fillings replace the damaged area of the tooth and help regain its normal function.

Prevents Further Decay

Leaving a decayed tooth untreated can increase the risk of further decay and damage; dental fillings can help prevent this. With the decayed area sealed, you are less likely to need more extensive dental procedures, like root canals or tooth extractions, in the future.

Cost-Effective Treatment

If you're worried about the cost of dental work, it's worth considering that a filling is one of the most cost-effective dental treatments available. It's far less expensive than the cost of extracting a tooth and replacing it. 

Quick and Easy Procedure

Dental filling is a fast and straightforward procedure that only requires one visit to the dentist. While the time it takes can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the number of fillings needed, you can leave the office with a fixed tooth.

What to Expect During Our Dental Filling Procedure

Step 1: Assessing the Situation

During this initial stage, our dentist will use X-rays to evaluate the condition of your tooth. They will look for signs of decay or other issues requiring a filling. The assessment will also provide insight into the size and location of the cavity, helping our dentist plan the treatment.

Step 2: Removing Decay

Once our dentist has all the necessary information, they will begin the filling process by drilling out the decayed part of the tooth. This ensures that the unhealthy part of your tooth is removed and stops the decay from spreading further.

Step 3: Cleaning and Preparing the Tooth

After removing the decayed part, we thoroughly cleaned the tooth to eliminate lingering bacteria. To prepare for the filling, our dentist may apply a liner or layer of composite resin to protect the nerve.

Step 4: Applying and Shaping the Filling

Finally, we will apply the filling material to the cavity and shape it to match the rest of your tooth. They will then harden the filling with a special light and finish off by polishing the filled tooth. Once the process is complete, your tooth should be as good as new!

Stop Tooth Decay in Its Tracks With Our Exceptional Dental Filings in Morgan Hill, CA

Investing in dental fillings is a proven, cost-effective option to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your teeth while preventing further tooth decay. Your smile deserves the best care, and our team at Cochrane Plaza Dental Care is always ready to deliver. Don’t prolong the discomfort and risk potential damage.

Call us today and experience quality dental fillings and unmatched care tailored just for you.
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