Single Tooth Implant in Morgan Hill, CA

Single-tooth implants can be a sigh of relief for those who reluctantly hide their unattractive smile due to a missing tooth. Like the puzzle piece perfectly fitting into its designated spot, a single-tooth implant integrates seamlessly to complete your smile. At Cochrane Plaza Dental Care, we specialize in single-tooth implant treatments and pride ourselves on providing exceptional dental care to restore your smile and enhance oral health.

With our team of skilled professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and a commitment to patient-centric care, we ensure a comfortable experience at our facility.

What Is Single-Tooth Implant Treatment?

Single-tooth implant treatment is a cutting-edge dental procedure used to replace a missing or damaged real tooth. The process involves placing a synthetic tooth tailored to match your natural teeth’ appearance and function.

Unlike traditional methods, such as dental bridges, a single tooth implant in Morgan Hill, CA, does not interfere with the health of neighboring teeth, providing a less invasive approach. The outcome is a radiant, natural-looking smile, increased self-confidence, and improved oral health.

What Are the Benefits of Single-Tooth Implant Treatment?

What Happens During Our Single-Tooth Implant Procedure

Step 1: Initial Consultation

During this phase, our Morgan Hill dentist will assess your oral health, discuss your medical history, and determine whether you’re suitable for a tooth implant. We might recommend further tests like an X-ray or a CT scan for a more complicated assessment.

Step 2: Treatment Planning

We will create a personalized treatment plan once our dentist confirms you’re a good candidate. This plan factors in the current state of your oral health, the exact location of the missing tooth, and what the dental implant should accomplish.

Step 3: The Implant Procedure

The implant procedure involves surgically placing a titanium post into the jawbone. This serves as a replacement for the tooth root, providing a secure solid base for your new tooth. This might sound scary, but we will use a local anesthetic to numb the area, ensuring the surgical procedure is as painless as possible.

Step 4: Healing Process

The healing process, called osseointegration, begins after the implant. This can take a few weeks to a few months. During healing time, the jawbone grows around the implant to secure it in place. We will give specific instructions to aid the healing process and prevent complications.

Step 5: Crown Placement

Once the implant has fully healed, you will return to our facility, and our dentist will attach a crown. This implant crown is customized to match the rest of your teeth in color and shape, ensuring a natural look.

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What Is the Average Cost of Dental Implant?

While the cost of single-tooth implants can vary widely based on your location and specific dental needs, you’re likely looking at a range anywhere between $900 – $2,100 per implant. However, these prices are a package of the primary components of a tooth implant, including the implant itself, the abutment (a connector piece), and the crown. Keep in mind there might be additional costs for preparatory procedures, such as bone grafts or sinus lifts if required. It’s advisable to consult with our dental professional to get a personalized quote suitable for your needs.
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Book Your Single-Tooth Implant Appointment at Cochrane Plaza Dental Care

Investing in a single-tooth implant is an excellent way to restore your confident smile and oral functionality while ensuring the utmost care for your oral health. With our team’s expertise, cutting-edge equipment and personalized patient care plan, you can expect a seamless and comfortable tooth implant treatment experience. At Cochrane Plaza Dental Care, your perfect smile is our top priority.

Don’t let a missing tooth affect your confidence or health. Contact us today to schedule appointment.

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