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At Cochrane Plaza Dental Care, we believe in creating beautiful smiles for life. We stand as your trusted family dentist in Morgan Hill, CA, dedicated to ensuring the oral health of every single member of your family.

With our expertise and friendly approach, we aim to create a comfortable dental experience for every member of your family. Our wide range of dental services ensures that every aspect of your dental health is covered with excellence and precision.

We invite you to experience our top-tier dental services, where the well-being of your smile is our first priority.

Our Family Dentistry Services

Dental Bridges

Keeping your teeth clean is a cornerstone of good oral health. Our dentists perform thorough deep cleaning using the latest tools to remove tartar and plaque buildup. With our gentle touch and expertise, we also offer fluoride treatments to protect your pearly whites against decay.

Routine checkups are vital to spot early signs of dental issues like cavities or gum disease. Early detection allows us to deliver streamlined and effective treatments that are beneficial to your health and easy on your pocket. 

Dental X-Rays

Our dental X-ray services are an essential part of our comprehensive dental care. These quick and painless procedures provide a detailed image of your teeth and gums, allowing us to identify hidden issues that could go undetected during a regular check-up. Whether spotting early decay, examining your roots and bone level, or planning extensive procedures, our dental X-rays ensure that every aspect of your oral health is thoroughly evaluated.

Dental Fillings

Tooth decay is a common issue that can lead to more serious dental problems. Our fillings offer a straightforward solution. We remove the decayed portion of your tooth and “fill” in the area with a tooth-colored material that looks natural and protects against further decay.

Fillings are vital in preventing cavities from spreading to adjacent teeth and maintaining your smile’s overall health. By strengthening your tooth structure, fillings can improve oral health, prevent tooth loss, and relieve pain.

Same-Day Dental Crowns

Are you dealing with a weakened or discolored tooth? Don’t worry. A dental crown from our facility can bring back the sparkle to your smile in no time. These “caps,” designed to mimic your natural tooth color, seamlessly fit over the entire tooth, restoring its original shape, size, and aesthetics.

  The best part? You don’t have to wait for multiple appointments. Embrace the convenience of our same-day dental crowns. During your visit, our dentist will expertly prep your tooth, create a precise impression, and artistically craft your crown. By the end of your appointment, you’ll leave with a restored tooth and an enriched smile!

Dental Bridges

At our family dental care, we understand that tooth loss can influence more than just your oral health. Therefore, we offer dental bridges that act as false teeth, ‘bridging’ the gap where one or more teeth might be missing.
Here are some ways dental bridges can benefit you:

  • Improves your smile
  • Restores your chewing and speaking abilities
  • Maintains the shape of your face
  • Prevents dental issues

Getting dental bridges from our facility involves a careful procedure. The first step involves preparing your teeth on either side of the gap, which entails reshaping these teeth and fitting them with crowns to hold the bridge securely. Our dentist then places the custom-made bridge over the prepared teeth and assesses the fit before it’s permanently attached.

Mouth Guards

Keeping your teeth protected during sports activities or from night-time teeth grinding is important. We provide customizable mouthguards for both children and adults. Side effects of teeth grinding comprise headaches and jaw discomfort. These can be prevented by using perfectly fitted mouth guards that we offer.

Our process of providing you with the perfect mouthguard is straightforward and thorough. Firstly, we take an accurate mold of your teeth to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Using top-tier materials, we craft a durable mouthguard tailored to your needs. This process protects your teeth and minimizes the chance of discomfort and frequent replacements.

Secure Your Family's Dental Future at Cochrane Plaza Dental Care

Cochrane Plaza Dental Care ensures every family member feels welcome and receives the highest quality oral care. Our team of professionals understands the diverse needs of family members of all ages and strives to restore and maintain your smiles, eagerly treating you with compassion and expertise.

We are your trusted partner dedicated to transforming and preserving the smiles of your family. Don’t let dental issues dim your confidence any longer. Contact us and book your appointment today.
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